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Iconic Holiday Nepal Tour and Trek

Welcome to the amazing land of high Himalayan peaks, timeless culture and traditions with abundant historical monuments. Nepal is often described as a fairyland on Earth draped by grandeur of the northern Shangri-La. Trip to Nepal will offer you an opportunity to witness innumerable snowcapped mountains, habitation in the hilly contours rich with culture and tradition dating back to centuries, lifestyle of the Gurkhas – the bravest of the soldiers, terraced land, glacier-fed rivers, and many more landmarks enlisted in the UNESCO's World Heritage Site. Exploring this adventurous nation with Iconic Holiday Nepal is like a fragrance in gold. We are never a team unless your participation. That means, your engagement with us initiates our incredible journey. Unlike others, we travel not only physically but culturally, traditionally and emotionally. So, wherever we tread, we leave no stone unturned in order to grasp nature in its best exhibition possible. It won’t be wrong to state that ‘Iconic Holiday Nepal’ is a soul to combine you with Nepal.